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In the decade since we founded Onion Collective, we have developed insight and expertise around attachment economics, social capital, cultural delivery and systems change. We have always sought to commit our evolving thinking to paper, as a way to explore, share and learn. A selection of our writings on a range of subjects can be  found below.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 14.02.08.png

How operating between one economy and the next brings complexity, contradiction and hope.

EastQuay-JimStephenson-33 WebRes_edited.jpg

The practical realities of navigating a different way  of doing things.


Mapping and exploring social capital to test and develop resilience, equality and agency.


How a different kind of approach to economics is rippling up from the bottom in our communities.


Time for an honest conversation about this pressure to ‘keep bouncing back’.


A folk tale about connectedness, hope and new pathways to a shared future.


A statement of what we hope to achieve at East Quay.


For Community Business, accountability isn’t an add on, it’s part of the fabric.


Taking things in to our own hands to support economic renewal and social mobility.

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