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About Onion

We are a group of friends who decided to see if we could make a little bit of difference in the world by initiating community and cultural projects and activity and by seeking to prioritise connection, compassion and curiosity in our work and the world we help to create. We believe a different kind of economy is possible and are working to demonstrate the future now through East Quay and our other projects.

Founded by a group of women in 2012, we run a number of projects including East Quay, which is about culture, purpose and imagination and Understory, which is about community connectedness and social capital. We also undertake a small amount of consultancy work to support other communities and we conduct our own investigations and publish our own writing, in particular about community enterprise and the next economy.


Who we are.

Onion Collective is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. It has five Executive Directors and three Non-Executive Directors working a larger team, primarily located at East Quay and the Visitor Centre & Boat Museum. Biographies of key staff are available here. All our staff are listed here.

Join the team.

We are always keen to hear from people who are interested in being part of the team or collaborating. We occasionally have vacancies at East Quay in particular and post all open positions on the jobs page of the East Quay website.

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