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Need some help or want to help?

Changing the world is a joint effort. We are always keen to hear from people who want to work with us, whether it is to learn from our experience at East Quay, develop a creative collaboration, undertake joint research or commission or publish our words. Please just get in touch and we'll be happy to talk.

Research & writing

In the decade since we founded Onion Collective, we have developed insight and expertise around attachment economics, social capital, cultural delivery and systems change. We continue to write and think about these subjects in our work and are keen to hear from academic and policy organisations interested in our work.

Partnership &

We also recognise that we are but a small cog in a large, multi-generational transition that will only succeed if we are well-connected, open to ideas and share our experiences and knowledge. We are always happy to hear about potential partnerships and collaborations that can help us all move forward.

Speaking & presenting

Several of the team regularly speak and present on subjects as diverse as community empowerment, communal architecture, imagination and the next economy. Feel free to contact us about speaking engagements and arrangements.

Consultancy & support

We continue to provide a limited amount of consultancy support, mentoring and guidance to community organisations, local authorities and others in areas like community engagement, economic regeneration, and cultural development on everything from impact and evaluation to business planning for successful delivery.

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