Why did you call yourselves Onion Collective?


The short answer is: It's all about the layers! We four Directors bring many different skills and experience that make up a whole, but it could also be said that Onion came about because we were looking for a word that represented things like rural, down-to-earth, everyday, essential, complementary, straight forward.  We are basically a Development Trust, but find that title too yawn-worthy.  We also liked the idea that onions are used in cooking to add flavour and substance, we are not the main dish, but rather one factor that enables the dish to be flavoursome and delicious!


It also turns out that onions have a very interesting folklore and symbolism. The word ‘onion’ comes from the Latin ‘uniothat’, meaning oneness or unity, because an onion, like a union, is destroyed as it is gradually taken apart. The ancient Egyptians worshipped onions and believed that their concentric rings symbolized eternal life, even burying some pharaohs with onions. The onion has been considered alternately sacred and profane, used to ward off evil spirits and to alleviate many an ailment. There is a saying from the 1850s “If an onion is eaten every morning before breakfast, all the doctors might ride on one horse.”


Eating an onion before breakfast isn’t necessarily something we’d recommend, but you might say an onion is an ordinary vegetable with some extraordinary capabilities! 


We liked the non-hierarchical implications of ‘Collective’ we are 4 people, each with different skills and experience that come together for a shared vision and work as a whole.