Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?


The short answer is: From you, from the rest of the UK and from around the world.


Part of writing a feasibility study into regeneration for a coastal town like Watchet is researching success stories from around the world. We can then work out what elements might work for Watchet, and then investigate further.


Here are some examples of the types of developments we find inspiring:


Littlehampton Beach Café

Whitstable Fishermans Sheds

St. Ives Hub box

Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

Turner Contemporary, Margate

NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam

Container City, Mexico

Evans Boat Harbour, Adelaide

Nestle Bar, Montreux


The consultations that we are currently conducting, are producing loads of really interesting ideas too. Ideas like, cliff top walkways, community cafes and rooftop bistros, using raw materials like the silt in the Marina to create Watchet branded pottery or bricks, facilities for young people, DJ booths and enhancing public space for performance and recreation – all sorts of ideas, and they keep coming.


So please tell us if you have an idea and we will add it to our ‘ideas bank’. You can get in touch with us via Facebook (/OnionCollective) on Twitter (@OnionCollective) email us at info@onioncollective.co.uk or just pop into the office (41b Swain Street, Watchet)

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