Watchet Street Fairs

Onion Collective forms part of the Watchet Coastal Communities Street Fair sub-committee, which organizes vibrant monthly fairs in the town from April through to October each year.

On the first Sunday of each of these months, the Esplanade comes to life with music, workshops, colourful stalls and enticing smells from all the street food vendors.

The objectives are threefold: firstly, they support local startups, with low cost stalls for traders and the provision of gazebos; secondly, they give local families easy access to fun, culturally interesting entertainment, free of charge, and thirdly, they dramatically increase tourism to the town, so boosting the local economy.

The fairs are supported by various organisations, such as local children’s charity, Watchet Roots, The Watchet Harbour Community Bookshop and Forum 21, who have each provided grant funding to enable free workshops and entertainment to take place during the fairs. Children and adults can come along and learn or improve their skills in trapeze, samba, mindfulness, art and craft and gardening to name a few, while spinning hulas, playing giant games, grabbing an amazing curry or plate of paella, having a dance and getting their faces painted. Environmental sustainability is key to everything we try to deliver.

Contains Art often provide food in their courtyard to encourage fair goers to move around the town while enticing people in to see their free exhibitions of incredible, often local, artwork.

See for specific details of upcoming fairs.

To book a stall, contact Molly Quint on 01984 632592 or email For all other queries, contact us on