The story so far


A big thank you to everyone who came to our consultation sessions, filled in the questionnaire, created a video for us and all the various other things we asked you to do, your input has been invaluable! 


We have been bowled over by the enthusiasm for positive change in Watchet and it has become very clear what the town’s shared priorities are.  We have created a list of community objectives, which came out very strongly from the consultations. Here are the town's shared objectives for Watchet:

Watchet Community Objectives:

  • Create more for visitors to do (Tourism)

  • Meet the needs of the community, including young people (Community)

  • Generate jobs and enterprise (Jobs & Enterprise)

  • Deliver improved public space (Public Space)

  • Enhance the arts/cultural offer (Culture)

  • Enhance the marina/maritime offer (Maritime)

  • Exhibit high quality, sensitive design (Architecture)

  • Improve cycling/walking infrastructure (Pathways)

  • Celebrate the coast, heritage, geology of town (Heritage)

  • Retain and build on the unique vibe of the town (Vibe)

  • Effectively market/brand the towns offer (Brand)

  • Improve parking and traffic management (Parking)

  • Enhance Civic Space (Civic)




We then split the top shared physical priorities, the ones that were actual things, into four areas, where we believed they most ‘fit’. Broadly:


  • East Quay for visitor and cultural activities;

  • The Cross area and boat museum site for historical and heritage ideas;

  • Youth Club site for community activities;

  • Coastal pathways and footpaths were also clearly a top shared priority.


This is where we will begin business planning from. We will now begin the process of working out how much space these ideas would need. Is there enough demand and need for these things? Would they be financially resilient in bad economic times as well as good? Our funding will pay for architectural drawings for one scheme, although we will look to take all the projects forward but we have to prioritise, and it has to be led by the strongest business plan, with the least risks and the most community improvement impact.

For a more detailed look at our first outline proposal have a look at our Prezi presentation which you can see via

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