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Things to look forward to at East Quay

February 2021

Need a reason to feel more cheerful? Lockdown life can be so miserable (and boring) so we thought we’d give you some reasons to look forward to the opening of East Quay in July 2021. (All of course Covid dependent - but right now, let's hope for the best!)

Here are some of the ways you and your friends and family will be able to enjoy yourselves once it’s open :

  • Visit the gallery free of charge, which for the coming three-year programme will explore and celebrate community and place, identity and belonging and climate and change. Bringing national and international artists to exhibit in Watchet to explore these ideas.

  • See artists and makers at work. We will have a wide variety of tenants including Two Rivers Paper, Geckoella geologist and ecologists, print makers, painters, sculptors and more.

  • Meet friends for a coffee in the courtyard and join in the craft sessions with your kids.

  • Attend talks or discussion sessions to explore how we can imagine a better future, for people and for the planet.

  • Watch live music, see performances or spoken word events. Often held in the outside courtyard space people will be able to watch and join in, or you could even climb up to the first floor, lean on the parapet and watch from above.

  • Entertain the kids on a rainy day by visiting Two Rivers Paper who will be making hand-made artisan paper here, geologists Geckoella will have a rock workshop and will be offering walks and activities for people to learn.

  • Visit the East Quay Kitchen for a tasty bite! The restaurant will be open during the daytime and some evenings too. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a licensed bar.

  • Stay, or invite friends and family to stay in one of the five bespoke accommodation pods. For the adventurous traveller these beach-hut like spaces will each be different, playful and interactive.

  • Take a course or workshop in something you’ve always wanted to try. Courses will run throughout the year in the daytime and evening.

We’ve been asking around too, here’s what people have said they are most looking forward to:

Tim: “Being able to wander into the gallery and look at the exhibitions whenever I want.

Jess: “Sitting in the sunshine in the courtyard on a Friday evening, having a pint and some yummy food with my friends!

Cat: “People, parties, culture, the buzz!!, sunshine, drinks on the quay after work, seeing it all happening in actual real life, visitors enjoying themselves, seeing our beautiful building in use!

Fiona: “A cool venue for use by groups in Watchet specifically those close to my heart.... community choir and drama. Somewhere to shout about as Visitor Centre Manager!!

Spadge: “The buzz of seeing lots of people enjoying themselves.

Alison: “Seeing the buzz.

Georgie: “I’m looking forward to sitting in the courtyard with a coffee and something delicious to eat, chatting with friends while the kids play at some kind of craft workshop and thinking maybe I’ll have a wander around the gallery later…can’t wait.”

Lucy: “I fancy a stay over and look out from the pods! Although I might not make it up there as I’m scared of heights!”

Rachel: “Looking forward to it all coming alive, people, music, art, talking, nice food and drink, laughing xx”

Kate: “Geckoella geology workshop being part of it! #geology

Jo: “I want to book in to the accommodation pods and pretend I’m on ‘holiday’ whilst sill being in the best town in Somerset”

Nik: “Just having an amazing community facility in Watchet”

Sara: “Enjoying the community use areas and seeing visiting artist’s exhibitions #communityinclusion

Jenny: “Gathering in the new ‘courtyard’ on a sunny summer evening”

Dizzie: “Paper demos”

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