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The art of gathering

March 2021

When we imagined East Quay into existence, all those years ago in hundreds of community conversations when it was just a pie in the sky dream, there was a common thread of hope.

We talked wistfully about the idea of sitting inside or outside with a large pint of cider, or a gin and tonic, and watching the sun set over the boats in the marina. We talked about live music, a theatre performance, spoken word poetry, artists talks. Surrounded by festoon lighting and colour and something delicious to eat while we listened.

Now, here we are writing to you about the events that will take place and nothing could give us more pleasure! We’ve written recently about all the events and activities for families, so if that is what interests you click here. But there’s plenty for everyone no matter your age.

We’ve categorised events into regular weekly drop ins, which during holidays will become daily and might include things like adult crafting sessions or knit and natter or kids messy play. These community drop ins will be free or might have a small donation.

Then there’s the bookable paid events which might be something like a talk linked to a meal, or a theatre performance in the courtyard or a film screening in the restaurant or a comedy night or even a day’s workshop learning ipad art.

There’s longer courses that you can sign up for, which might be art therapy or life drawing or printmaking.

Lots of the events or courses will be linked to whatever exhibition is on at the time, so in the first three months of East Quay many of the events will be linked to Neville Gabie’s exhibition called More Together Than Alone and how we think about community and place and belonging.

But there will also be informal things like afternoon street performances or a community picnic. That’s alongside all the things for kids and families that we talked about in the previous blog, like baby and toddler groups, and homeschool activities and school groups visits and messy play (more here).

The truth is though, that one of the most important parts about East Quay is creating space to imagine. The beauty of imagining is that anything is possible and right now, with all that’s happening in the world, we will need a space to daydream and to have long carefree rambling conversations about ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if..’ so we will organise a whole load of events for you, but we will also be creating space where you will be welcome to just sit, and chat and feel comfortable and dream. We only ask that you write your dreams down too, so we know what to plan next.

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Image credits from top to bottom:

Private View for Chris Dobrowolski event at Contains Art

Kosmo Vinyl talk at Contains Art

Imagining the future with community organisation Squash Liverpool

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