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July's Build Update

The East Quay site is working at full pelt to get the build completed this summer. There's an average of 70 builders on site at the moment, and work is taking place 7 days a week. This means work is progressing well. Internal finishes are now happening on the ground floor and in the studios. All the concrete work is now complete, cladding of the studios, and pods are all underway, with the galleries and education space to follow shortly. All the services are now being installed with the electrical second fixes (lights and sockets) now beginning.

Alongside the East Quay build Somerset West and Taunton Council have begun their piling works to strengthen the marina wall with contractor TMS, so East Quay is a very busy site at the moment!

But it's by no means easy. Every week we hear news of another example of supply chain difficulty, a result of the pandemic and Brexit. Each product arriving safely to East Quay is reliant on a long complex chain of events running smoothly, which inevitably they often don't. Regardless, we are grateful to the fantastic team and are looking forward to welcoming you for a celebratory glass of fizz when we can open and welcome you in later this summer.

Scroll through the photos below to see how the pods are progressing: Pod 1: Objects with its amazing views, the ceiling of Pod 2: Stories, Pod 3: industry with its enormous window looking out to sea and Pod 4: Interact with its cargo net to relax in. Pod 5: Art not pictured.

And behind, the rear of the building is looking good too. The red and white striped cladding covers the outside of studios 9 and 10, which you'll be able to see from the railway side.

And this is the kind of view you can expect from the highest points:

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