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Introducing East Quay's new Curator

Contains Art is delighted to welcome George Harwood Smith as the new Curator of East Quay gallery. George has spent the past three years in Canada, working as Exhibitions Manager at the North Vancouver Community Arts Council, a non-profit multidisciplinary community arts organisation. Prior to living in Canada, he has worked at the Crafts Council and ROSL Arts.

George has delivered varied artistic programmes in Canada and the UK, working with both emerging and established artists and developed partnerships on international residency programmes with galleries and art festivals, including Crafted Vancouver, Capture Photography Festival and Edinburgh Art Festival among others. Welcome George! Here he is with our office dog Bean.

Q: What was it about the curator role at East Quay that excites you the most?

George: I'm excited about being part of an inspiring project, team and brand-new gallery in a part of the world I love. I am looking forward to working with the community and new local, national and international artists. It's a fantastic opportunity!

Q: When it comes to how people engage with art, what matters to you?

George: I feel strongly that art and culture should be available to everyone. It is important to me that exhibitions be inclusive and accessible. Visitors should come away from shows feeling informed and inspired, that they have learned something new, and have had an enjoyable experience.

Q: What would you like to see happening at East Quay in 5 years-time?

George: I would like to see East Quay become a major cultural hub in South-West England and a prominent arts destination in the U.K.

Q: What do you love?

George: In no particular order: Cold-water swimming, my job, camping, trees, cycling, cheese, beer, art & design, raccoons, my family, creativity, Somerset.

What do you hate?

Negativity, the wind, littering.

What's your top tip you'd give to visitors to help them enjoy a gallery exhibition best?

Take your time to view and digest all the pieces in an exhibition.

The galleries at East Quay are run by a charity, Contains Art CIO (charity number 1193931), which is founded in the belief that who you are, where you live and what you have, should not constrain access to creativity and culture. It seeks to confound expectations of what visiting an art gallery is like. All donations to the Gallery and Contains Art are reinvested in art, culture and arts education.

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