Introducing Kezia....

Introducing our new work placement at Onion Collective. A huge welcome to Kezia Mitchinson who will be helping us with our work here and particularly with our Place Based Social Action programme.

Hello, my name is Kezia. I graduated last July with a First Class BA(hons) in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick, where I focused much of my research on development and gender equality. 25% of my degree was also Mandarin Chinese. I had been fascinated with China since I was 15 and when the University offered this language module I jumped at the opportunity.

Since graduating I was lucky enough to be awarded a British Council Scholarship to go and study mandarin in China for 5 months in early 2018. I’ve just got back home, so I’m currently catching up on all of my favourite breakfast cereal and doing a part-time work placement with the Onion Collective.

I am really keen to go into development and public policy in the future and am looking for internships in this area. The opportunity to work with the Onion Collective, where I am helping them plan and deliver their social action project is a great chance for me to learn about community-led development and the real change this can bring about in society.

The Onion Collective is a very busy place, with lots of great projects and ideas always in the works such as their social action plans, the East Quay development project, Splash Point and Watchet Community Makers to name a few. I’m looking forward to learning more about all the great things that go on here and how a collaborative, place based approach to development can regenerate communities and create lasting, sustainable change.

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