Rope Walk gets a makeover

The bank between Harbour Road car park and the train platform in Watchet, known as Rope Walk, is getting a makeover, with weekly community gardening sessions and a commemorative art installation, preserving and celebrating the contribution Wansborough Paper Mill made to the town, both planned for the next month.

We’ll be gardening there between 9-12 each Saturday, and ask that if anyone wants to join us, they bring forks and gloves. Any expert knowledge would also be welcome. Money for the plants has been donated by Watchet’s Community Bookshop.

The ground is full of ivy and brambles at the moment, so it’s quite heavy work clearing it, but we hope to plant lavender, rosemary and other bee friendly, fragrant flowering plants there.

The art installation is by Watchet’s Dot Kuzniar, and commemorates Watchet’s historic paper mill. Dot made the piece in collaboration with some of the last workers at the mill. It should be in place within the next month, thanks to help from the Watchet Community Makers.

Contains Art’s Jon Barrett said: “The closure of Watchet Paper Mill saw the end of 250 years of paper making in this small coastal town. Its decommissioning at the end of 2015 had been quick, though its impact was huge. Long defining the identity of the town there was a real risk that along with the end of its operation the personal memories would be lost forever. Dot is one of several local artists who worked fast to record, preserve and celebrate the story of this Mill, and by installing her work in such a prominent position we aim to commemorate the important contribution the mill made to Watchet.”

If you would like to get involved with the gardening, come along on Saturday mornings, between 9 and 12. For any more information, contact the Onion Collective on 01984 633496 /

For more information on the Wansborough Paper Mill heritage project, contact Jon Barrett at Contains Art 07583 368072 /

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