Sharing skills and building for the community: Watchet Community Makers

The Watchet Community Makers have been carrying out valuable community builds in the town as part of the project’s ambition to share skills, strengthen connections between people and enable community organisations to develop at low cost.

At the start of February, the group began work on Watchet’s scout hut, creating a much needed large scale, built in storage solution on request of Simon Bale, the Scout Leader. This will be a two month long project. Following the scout hut, the makers plan to do some repair work at the Boat Museum before repainting the Watchet Community Centre.

The Makers also recently finished building a series of large wooden benches for Knights Templar School, on request of the Head, Frances Burns. These are positioned around the playground to help the children to enjoy quieter, restful time during breaks.

Watchet Community Makers meet twice weekly, on projects that are proposed by the local community. Their focus is on the built environment, covering areas such as construction, painting, plastering and carpentry. They use monthly meetings to decide which projects to tackle, and in what order, with workshop sessions taking place on Thursdays (7-9pm) and Sundays (3-5pm) each week, in the community workspace on the East Quay.

Sarah Ward, who’s been with the Makers since the launch of the new workshop space in November, said: “I’ve found the group very welcoming and easy going, and it’s been great to see how much can be achieved in a short space of time. I’m looking forward to all the new and exciting projects planned for the warmer months when we can work outside.” The scheme was initiated thanks to money raised by Healthfull, and on the back of the community consultation we carried out in 2014. We asked you what you felt Watchet needed for a stronger future, to which you expressed (among many other things) a desire to make sure skills and trades were not lost and would be able to be passed to other people.

The Watchet Community Maker project therefore seeks to support people to learn from one another, developing skills and relationships while aiding community development.

If you are a community organisation and have a project you would like to suggest for the town, or if you would like to join the team of makers, please contact us on 01984 633496 /

Chris, Andy and Jack at the Watchet scout hut.

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