Help us build a Boat Museum

We need your help to come and work on building the interior wooden structure in the boat museum, come and be part of building Watchet’s future!

The Boat Museum Visitor Centre is very close to starting, construction work is due to begin in January. But we need your help inside the building. We need to construct an interior timber structure, which displays the boats and other exhibits. It is a crucial element in the Boat Museum, and will include building staircases, walkways and display mechanisms. Firstly though, we have to dismantle the old structure which is in a bad state of dis-repair and we need your help to do it! Come and join us Watchet Community Makers at the Boat Museum, on Sunday 20th December when we will be dismantling this interior structure, in order to begin building a new one in January. We need as much help as possible, so whether you can come for the whole day, or a couple of hours we would love to see you there. If you are interested please email me at or call me on Tel: 07940 950396

Start: 9am onwards, bring: Gloves, any tools you want to bring, old clothes, sturdy footwear - steel toecapped boots would be ideal. But most importantly a willingness to muck in and no previous experience is necessary!

Watchet Community Makers is a new project where volunteers will work on projects around Watchet, both large and small to build things, fix things, make things that help to improve Watchet. The objective is that volunteers can gain training in all kinds construction and making skills, and those who have skills can pass them on to thoses who need them. A major project for the group will be to build this new timber structure inside the Boat Museum to display the boats and exhibits, but there will be plenty of other projects for community groups around Watchet. The group will meet for weekly sessions, held either during the day time, and also in the evening for those that work. We hope that the skills that are learned here will either lead to further training, or may inspire people to start their own businesses. We are also looking for skilled volunteers to help teach and guide those who want to learn. We held our first project meeting on Thursday 10th December, where we planned out a way forward for the project. With workshop premises becoming available in January, we will have a base from which many projects can be made, and where we will be able to store tools and materials.

What we really need now is people who want to be part of the project, so please do come and joing us. We are (pictured left to right: Cecilia Leete, Iain Lambert, Bruce Scott, Naomi Griffith, Bob Cramp - and me). You may not know if you want to commit to weekly meetings yet, and if that is the case, that’s fine. We are looking for all help in all its many guises, so come, have fun, work with us and let’s build a Boat Museum!

To find out more about the Boat Museum, Visitor Centre project click here

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