Watchet Community Makers

Watchet Community Makers meet twice weekly to work on and create community projects that benefit Watchet.  Meetings are held in the workshop at the Onion Collective office, Habour Studios in Watchet and are led by experienced builder Ian Wedlake.

Meetings are: 

Thursdays: 7-9pm

Sundays: 3-5pm


Community projects are put forward by local groups, and the Makers group will design, build or fix projects in the town that need doing.  This way the volunteers will learn by doing, and collect a wide variety of skills based in this practical, hands on, real world method of learning.  The project also means that slowly areas of Watchet could be improved for everyone to enjoy. 


The project is about creating and empowering a maker team for Watchet.  The team will work together every week, initially once a week for a few hours, but as the project develops this could increase. The team will work with tools and equipment, learning techniques ranging from joinery to plaster work to outdoor furniture construction, whatever it is that a project demands. A major purpose of the project is that by the end, those involved will feel empowered to either start their own business, or engage in further training. But at its heart this project is about people working together to make their community a better place.


If you are interested in becoming involved in this project please email Rachel Kelly