What makes you think you can represent the whole of Watchet?


In April and May 2014 we carried out extensive community consultations asking local people what they thought Watchet needed for a stronger future.  We used lots of mechanisms to reach the widest number of people possible including;


• An online questionnaire which asks what you would like to see for Watchet

• We put comment boxes in Cornerhouse Café, Watchet Museum and on the platform of the Railway Station.

• We held 10 workshops, with around 30 local groups and organisations

• We held and open public meeting in May 2014

• We held a stand a Watchet Market in May

• We attended and held a stand at the Knights Templar First School fete


Once this process had been carried out, we then counted and weighted all the data, and from that produced objectives and outcomes for community led regeneration.  Read about the results by clicking here


But our consultation doesn't end there, please always feel free to come and tell us what you think.

Either by visiting us at our office, or send us a letter to Mayfly Studio, 41b Swain Street, Watchet, TA23 0AE

You can also find us on Facebook (/OnionCollective) or on Twitter (@OnionCollective)


This will all help us with the exercise in balancing the shared, but also sometimes competing priorities of the many different individuals groups and organisations that make up our community, and then weighing these up against the need for any development proposal to be economically viable both to build and run. We also have to be realistic, this proposal must be economically viable, and this is part of the challenge. Our aim is to create a proposal for community and economic benefit - it is about improving the economy for Watchet as a whole. Onion Collective is a Social Enterprise, which means that any profits will be put back into the project or the town. (See What is a Social Enterprise?)