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Albatross Print Studio will be set up in summer 2021 as part of East Quay and will be run by artist-printmakers Sue Lowe and Sarah Ward. Our plan is that Albatross will be equipped to support a range of fine art printmaking disciplines including silkscreen, intaglio and relief printing.

We are seeking one or two artists to share our new studio. A suitable artist would be a printmaker or an artist/maker working in a related or compatible discipline and who shares our vision for Albatross.

You would make a contribution to the rent, up to £200 per month initially, and overheads (expected to be low; heating and broadband are included in the rent). In return there would be options to use the facilities for your own work, take part in events such as open studios, use the studio to deliver workshops or courses and make studio sales direct to the public.












Ideally we would like to find someone enthusiastic about helping to establish Albatross, willing to make a long term commitment to being fully part of the project, optionally as a business partner or director (if we become incorporated), and able to get involved as soon as possible in the setting up of the studio. You would have a full say in shaping and adapting the business plan so that it supports your practice and professional development in the best way possible. We have lots of ideas but nothing is set in stone at this point and your input would be valued and welcome. 

There will be some initial costs in fitting out and equipping the studio. If you are able to contribute towards this and/or have any of your own equipment that could potentially be used in the studio on a loaned basis that would be an advantage. There is scope to develop a number of income streams to offset the studio running costs and over time income will be reinvested to improve the facilities and reduce the financial commitment of partners/directors.

Joining Albatross Print Studio offers a unique opportunity to be part of East Quay. The new development will house a large, contemporary gallery presenting artists with national and international reputations. We will be part of a community of creative and heritage enterprises, artists and makers. East Quay will attract large visitor numbers and will host a busy programme of public events giving resident studio artists a strong public profile. It will be a really exciting and supportive place to work and engage the public in creativity. 

For further information or to express an interest contact Sue Lowe by email or call her on 07963 692559

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